Peppi is filled to the brim with cheer and happiness that will keep your guests smiling too. 

Peppi`s performance will keep guests engaged and entertained, creating a wonderfully sophisticated atmosphere at any size event. Peppi is a high energy entertainer who is draped in a masterfully crafted clown costume that resembles the traditional clown look with a modern twist, a visually appealing costume for the eyes. Creating long lasting memories. His comedy act will boost your event to new levels of fantasy that will have your guests leaving with unforgettable experiences and conversations. A truly engaging circus performer that provides a lot of happiness. Peppi`s unique performance can fit his comedy act within most event styles or theme guidelines that will surely keep your upcoming event fresh and memorable. An outstanding interactive entertainment experience that is perfect for corporate events, restaurants, festivals, street performances, themed parks and much more. Contact PTC Entertainment.,Ltd today.